Our Testimonials

         People working at SKE&C are caring professionals who not only work hard to provide engineering solutions to our Client, but solutions to work-life balance.
If I need help on technical or personal problems, I can always rely on my coworkers, leads, and managers for guidance.

I enjoy working at SKE&C because of the people who work here.

- Bieu Lam,   I&C Department

         I came to work in SKE&C with no other intention than get a job. A job no different than any other company. Soon I realized that the company offered me more than that, and I'm not talking about insurance, 401K or something similar which are quite good. It's beyond that: let me explain
We are a new office that congregrate people from different cultures and different levels of seniority with the clear purpose of growing personally and professionally. It is the intention of most of the organizations, but only few can be recognized for that.Today I can say SKE&C is in the group of companies where people want to stay: it is based on two facts. The good memories of some friends who left the company and the interest of the people in getting an opportunity in the company

I really enjoy being in here

- Carlos Perez,   Process Department

         SKE&C has a culturally diverse and multi-talented workforce with significant EPC experience in the oil, gas and petroleum industry. SKE&C's goal of becoming the benchmark standard for Global Project Execution is dependent upon the dedication, commitment, innovation and teamwork of this most valuable asset.

It is exciting and rewarding to be part of molding SKE&C into a world class EPC organization.

- John Carl Aldridge,   QA Department

         I came to work with SKE&C after being with a company for 33+ years, in this 3 plus months at SKE&C, I have found out that the SKE&C family is a little different from the rest of the EPC companies that I know of. In my opinion SKE&C is a talented diversified company with talented individuals that bring experiences from other companies, building on the success by applying elements that work into a work process. In my short time with SKE&C, I have found that people here are cooperative and caring, all working together towards the same goal.

I look forward coming to work enagaging and resolving challenges with my coworkers.
- Tony Hernandez,  Procurement Department