About Our Core Values

          SKE&C’s goal and vision is to become the benchmark standard for global project execution and be recognized within the industry for providing products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements every time.

Our Quality Policy obligates members at all levels of the organization to ensure customer satisfaction by following the requirements of the SKE&C Quality Management System; thus, each member is expected to make a personal commitment to the quality of our products and services.

William (Andy) Curtis,    Quality Manager

         SKE&C recognizes that people are our most important asset, including our customers and external partners as well as our members. That is why we are committed to satisfying the highest standards for safety in all of the work that we do.

Implementation of our Health, Safety, and Environmental Program is one of our highest priorities as it benefits our members, Partners, Customers and the communities in which we work. Our HSE Policy obligates members at all levels within the organization to ensure that a positive safety culture thrives by participating, getting involved, and making a personnel commitment to keep safety first.

Sixto Mendez,    HSE Manager

         SKE&C requires each member to behave ethically at all times. Compliance with all rules and regulations is the minimum acceptable standard. An individual’s personal failure to adhere to these principles would let down all participants in the SKE&C team—the members, the stakeholders, and the customers.

Each SKE&C Member understands how essential ethical behavior is to our success and has signed an individual commitment to adhere to these standards and to comply with our honor code.

Ethics & Compliance

SKE&C’s mission and vision is consistent with our corporate set of values that guide our execution and performance towards a goal to provide our stakeholders with happiness and success.

To our:

We increase the quality of their lives.

We provide a motivating environment that enables performance and professional growth .

We support the relationship with transparency.

We contribute to the sustainable growth of society.

Our drive to build a better place to work and live is reflected in the values included in our Caring Professional program.

Self-Esteem Be proud of your successes.
Teamwork Seek out others for their participation and praise their contributions.
Mutual Consideration Know that each member has value and treat all with respect and courtesy.
Professional Knowledge Drive yourself to stay current in your field.
Setting High Goals Push yourself beyond your usual boundaries towards greater success for you and for the company.
Thorough and Enthusiastic Execution Recognize the value of our work to you and to society and maintain a steady focus throughout.
Knowledge Sharing Knowledge shared is knowledge increased--mentor your co-workers.

We Build the Great…A Great Life, a Great World